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Conversation Between wellibob and Demoid
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  1. wellibob
    18-10-2014 03:44 PM
    Don't mind you asking, but there's nothing in them about this country or decontamination - it's more security procedures and insurance stuff. There's loads of stuff from public health England you can find though, about risks in this country etc.
  2. Demoid
    18-10-2014 12:00 AM
    Would it be hugely out of order for ask for an (anonymized) copy of the not so impressive risk and method statements. I've gone a bit "Madeley" on the whole thing as I see it as the 'apocalypse' and already have my containments suits et al on order ... Blame Richard Preston and me dad (RIP).. Need to know how to get 'em on/off now! Just in case! Ps hope you don't mind me asking ...

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